Monday, 16 February 2009

Anger (2)

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After looking at the first sketch of Anger, I realized that: it is not angry enough and looks a bit like a wooden piece of flower more of stupidity than anger. And also what strikes me about anger itself is that sometimes anger can be a good feeling. It can clear out the environment, so it needs to look unwelcoming but still have passion in it. So I added colour, leaves, and worked with slightly more organic shape.
What do you think?


Mary Anne said...

This one is very intense and deep, dark even. I feel anger in this, yet determination, anger some times pushes us to get things done and like you said can be a good thing as well.

How many emotions are you going to be working with in your book?

NATKA said...

Thanks for your comment!
I am not so sure about this drawing yet. I think that what is important for me is showing a self destructive aspect of anger. Somehow love came out immediately but with anger I have some troubles. We'll see.
I think I will have about 10. Five bad ones and five good ones. That was the original idea. But now I start to feel that it might be that basic emotions cannot be divided in the two groups. It feels to me now that may be they are somehow basic, and also love can be bad as much as anger.
I am thinking... :)