Monday, 9 February 2009

Love (1)

There we are a first sketch to view for a selection of my Emotional Garden book. PLEASE COMMENT>
And also a very sketchy paragraph of the text for the plant.

Amores Spectaclores (Latin) usually called love, is a long living plant. Unfortunately conditions of modern living are often too harsh to keep Amores growing without problems. It is a connoisseur plant often replaced with a poor version of common annual: Temporary Attraction (Plate 1.1.) Still it can be met in some households growing and flowering though.
When kept in good conditions it can flower throughout a year, although it needs feeding with the Organic Powder of Understanding and watering with Respect regularly. Intimacy Feed enhances stunning aroma of the flowers, and a Light of Communication brings best Red flower colour. Caution! Can be destroyed with common weed of Frustration (Plate x.x), or Jealousy (Plate x.x). Delicate petals of the flowers are often drying when exposed for Pain (Plate x.x). Lack of the Light makes it withered immediately.


BOCA said...

Hola,,, que hermosos dibujos los tuyos,,, felicidades me gusto mucho,,, seguire pasando

NATKA said...

I needed some translations done! :)
Thanks a lot for commenting, have seen your blog really interesting! natka

Mary Anne said...

I think this is definitely love, it has passion, yet is soft and whimsical as well. Very well done!