Thursday, 26 February 2009

Anger (5)


costanza said...

ma su cosa dipingi? sono pagine di un libro, tele da incorniciare, miniature? mi incuriosisce immaginarle nella loro dimensione reale. Bravissima!

roula said...

Bravissima, Bravissima, Natka.
this one looks just like anger for me!

NATKA said...

Hey, The book is a self initiated project showing emotions as plants. It will be less than a4 size and I hope will be lots of fun!
All the best
ps. Costanza, I have seen your blog really nice resource for books!

Mary Anne said...

There is no question that this is anger, definitely anger!

Ritika said...

This one spells more anger than the grenades one. Its an immediate conveyance of that message. So are some of your flowers. I think only pleasure is the one I feel isn't that immediate..