Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I am looking for anger shape. I look through different kind of bombs, something what will be powerful, showing willing to fight state, and also being intense. I have a problem with other shapes which I explored so far as I don't feel that it is a very good translation to my drawing style. As love is quite a good picture, it is passionate, a bit intimate, and bold, Anger seems to dillutate in different shades. I have a feeling that I have to go all the way back to a very first drawing which shows anger more powerful. Spiked Bomb shape is something inspiring.

According to my choice of emotions, I decided not to make any division between them. I feel that every feeling should be judged by it's outcome and impact on our life. That in turns indicates that I the weed/decorative plant division is gone from my book. I may want to point out that dealing with the feelings is crucial in our life, so we need to be aware of them. I feel that love can be bad, and anger can be good. It is taking away from the complexity of feelings, to label them with good an bad connotations.


Chubasco said...

hi this is my blog a hug!!!
i love your work!!!

NATKA said...

Thanks a lot. You have some fun on your blog! I like it. Bests, nat